Bathroom Storage Ideas to Keep the Clutter Out

Squeezing all your toiletries, makeup, equipment and other products in your bathroom can be tricky, especially if you don’t have an extensive area to work with. That is why it is essential to keep the clutter out because it will just make your space feel cramped and small. At Ipswich Bathroom Renovations, we understand that maintaining order in your bathroom is not an easy task to do. You need to have some effective organizing solutions that can provide you with convenient access to bathroom necessities and curb the clutter in the bathroom.

Fortunately, various storage options can significantly upgrade the look and functionality of your space. You just have to select the one that will suit your requirements and aesthetic preferences. So, whether you are scouring for ideas to increase your storage space or prefer to maximize the underutilized area in your bathroom, we got you covered. Here are some bathroom storage ideas you can try to keep the clutter out in your space.

Have an Open Bathroom Storage

When it comes to storing items, you also have to consider how you can easily access them. You have to think about how often you use these items so you can store them in a place where you can conveniently find them. Having open bathroom storage is ideal because you can put various baskets and trays in them. Using these baskets or trays, you can organize each bathroom item by category. For example, you can have one basket that contains your shower supplies, another one for your hair styling tools and a separate one for extra toiletries. You can also attach labels on each tray or basket so that you can easily identify where the item is located.

Use Slim Bathroom Storage Units

For those who don’t have enough floor space for a bulky cabinet, you can opt for a tall and slim storage unit. It can provide you with a space for toiletries without taking up too much square footage in your bathroom. Since this type of storage unit is designed to fit narrow gaps, it is a great addition for those who have small bathrooms. Even if it looks tiny, you can still store a lot of bathroom items in this rack because it is tall and has many levels.

Use Canisters and Jars

If you want to keep your countertop clutter-free but still want your daily-use bathroom items within your reach, you can use glass canisters and jars. You can store each item neatly inside and label each jar if you want them to look more organized. Through this, you will not have cotton balls, toothpaste or other bathroom items lying all over your countertop. You can also add a shallow tray to your countertop and place your containers and jars on it so you can just move the whole tray when you have to clean the surface.

Install Over-the-Door Racks

If you don’t have a space in your bathroom walls where you can install a rack, you can make use of the space behind your door. There are various over-the-door racks in the market that come with hooks. You can have one installed so you can have a place where to hang your bathrobe, wet towels, or other clothing. You can also buy a foldable organizer and hang it behind your door. You can use its pockets for storing toiletries and other bathroom items.

Purchase a Trolley

Having handy and portable storage in your bathroom is an advantage because of its versatility. You can store bathroom necessities, hair styling tools or gadgets in a trolley. You can also move it around, so you don’t have to worry about rummaging your cabinets just to get your curling iron. Besides that, a trolley is also a good place where you can display potted indoor plants, bathroom decors and trinkets.


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