Bathroom Tiling in Ipswich

A bathroom is an essential part of every home. If you’re starting to notice that your bathroom flooring is starting to deteriorate, it’s time to give your bathroom a new and fresh look! Here at Ipswich Bathroom Renovations, our bathroom tiling services are world-class. We have a team of professional tiling experts that will help you achieve your bathroom goals.

Depending on the material used, bathroom floorings can be damaged due to frequent use. Investing in durable and long-lasting bathroom tiles will benefit you in the long run. Not only that, bathroom tiles make your bathroom more appealing and elegant. A well-designed bathroom is more comfortable and functional.

At Ipswich Bathroom Renovations, our goal is to provide quality bathroom tiling services. We have a large selection of premium-grade bathroom tiles that come in different styles and sizes. Our team makes sure that bathroom tiles are properly and accurately installed to make them stable and long-lasting.


Why Work With Us?

We've been in the business for over a decade and have seen what it takes to ensure your bathroom renovation looks amazing without costing you too much. Our company is committed to providing cost-effective packages that are efficient, so we know this will be an easy process!


Our builders and bathroom renovation professionals are trained to perform their job. Our company is one of the best in the area because all our workers have undergone training, which makes them qualified for any work that comes up.


We are a team of hard-working, dedicated professionals who rigorously adhere to the highest standards in all that we do.


Our team is committed to delivering satisfying results that exceed our customers’ expectations, no matter how big or small the job.

Advantages of Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom should be a place of comfort where you can relax and rest after a very long day. The bathroom flooring plays a big role to achieve maximum comfort. Most homeowners prefer bathroom tiles over other flooring options because of the hidden benefits it offers. 

Now, why should you get bathroom tiles? Here are some of the advantages of getting one:

  • Bathroom tiles are inexpensive. When it comes to designing or remodelling a bathroom, it’s one of the most practical options to choose from. Even though bathroom tiles are cheaper than other flooring materials, it’s still durable and is expected to last for many years. 
  • We offer a wide selection of styles that will instantly increase the visual appeal of your home. If you’re looking for elegant floorings, bathroom tiles are our top choice!
  • If you’re a busy person and don’t have time for high maintenance materials, bathroom tiles are perfect for you! Mopping and sweeping will already help maintain its original look.
  • What makes bathroom tiles different from regular tiles is they can withstand cracking and impacts. They are more durable and long-lasting. Some bathroom tiles are also stain-resistant.
  • If you want an eco-friendly material for your floorings, you can consider ceramic tiles. They are sustainable and cost-effective. Ceramic tiles can be made from recycled or old ceramic tiles. Aside from that, it’s elegant and appealing. 

Why Choose Us for Your Bathroom Tiling Project

Installing tiles is a tedious job that requires knowledge and experience. If a bathroom tile is not installed properly, it can be damaged easily and you might need to replace it again eventually. Hiring experienced and highly skilled workers is a long time investment. Here at Ipswich Bathroom Renovations, our team of tiling experts have years of experience and a proven track record of providing quality services. 

We keep an open communication at all times to ensure that your plans and suggestions will be heard. Our team offers excellent workmanship and finishes the project on schedule. We go beyond your expectations just to give you the bathroom of your dreams!


Most frequent questions and answers

The price of remodeling your bathroom varies depending on where you are located as well as how big or small the room is. You can expect to pay around $15,000-40,000 for a completely renovated bathroom with everything included such as labor and tiles in Australia.

The design of your bathroom can make the difference between making a sale or not. A well-designed, updated bathroom will attract prospective buyers and may be all that is needed to seal the deal!

A bathroom renovation can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to 27 days depending on how many weekends are included in the time frame. The amount of hours that a contractor will work each day may also affect your schedule, so make sure you know what you’re signing up for!

The duration and timeline of a bathroom remodel project depends largely upon the availability of contractors’ schedules, which means there’s no way to give an accurate estimate until after bids have been submitted. A typical timeframe is between two weeks and three months–with most projects taking about 21 average working days or 3 full calendar months (give or take). If more than one weekend needs be allocated due to scheduling conflicts with available workers then this would increase both cost as well as length

You have so many different options for saving money on your bathroom remodel – from refurbishing old materials to finding budget-friendly alternatives. You can use vinyl flooring instead of wooden planks or try using paint on an already in place wall rather than buying drywall and painting it yourself. There are plenty of ways you could save cash if this is a priority!